Human resources of Batdongsan Gold
Applying technology in operation, Gold Real Estate streamlined human resources. Instead of focusing on quantity, Gold Real Estate values ​​quality when selecting and training personnel.

The support staff at Gold Real Estate are well-trained, professional, knowledgeable about the market. Currently, a team of human resources to support consulting for customers include: The system of Authorized agents and authorized consultants, development of Authorized Agents (Mentor)

Mentor team
Real Estate Gold owns a team of Mentor experienced and highly specialized in the field of real estate.

The Mentor team will be in charge of developing and supporting the Gold Real Estate Agency. The Mentor team will advise the authorized dealer of the real estate product posting process, support the implementation of transactions, signing procedures, project legal ...

The Mentor team is also responsible for direct support and advice to customers to complete the transaction.

Authorized dealer system
The difference that Gold Real Estate brings to the market is the authorized dealer system - the extended arm of Gold Real Estate, as well as the hand connecting the needs of buyers and sellers together.

The system of Authorized Agents of Gold Real Estate may be individual, legal entity, ... operating in many fields but fully meeting the professional and ethical standards set by Gold Real Estate.