Purpose of application

The payment system on the batdongsan.gold website is provided by payment gateway partners that have been officially licensed to operate in Vietnam, connected to the system of domestic and international banks. Accordingly, batdongsan.gold's payment security standards ensure compliance with the payment gateway Partner's security standards. In addition, batdongsan.gold also has separate payment transaction security standards to ensure absolute safety for customers' payment information.


The policy of payment by domestic card and international card ensures compliance with the security standards of Payment Gateway Partners, including:

- Standard for data security on internet SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) granted by GlobalSign.

- Certified payment data security standard (PCI DSS) issued by Trustwave.

- 128-bit MD5 encryption standard.

- Information security principles and regulations for the banking and finance industry in accordance with the laws and the State Bank of Vietnam.

Privacy policy of batdongsan.gold payment transactions applies to customers:

Customer's Card information is not saved on batdongsan.gold's system When ordering and using a bank card to pay for an order purchased on batdongsan.gold website, you will enter card information on the system Payment Gateway Partner.
When there are problems related to the security of payment card information, the Customer contact the Payment Gateway Partner to be resolved.
Customers access the website via HTTPS protocol.
The internal system between the modules of batdongsan.gold uses the method of exchanging and encrypting keys: The application system of internal data exchange is encrypted with the private & public key set to ensure security and security. Data integrity.